Andreas Kitzing

Andreas Kitzing (CEO) came up with the idea of Sponsoo during his MBA at the University of Cambridge. Before that, he had been working as a managment consultant and a project manager. Andreas loves to explore new sports in his free time (stand up paddling, snowboarding, bungee jumping). As a passionate football fan, he is regularly supporting his favorite team in the stadium.

Christian Kaspar

Christian Kaspar (CTO) is leading the technological development of Sponsoo. As a serial entrepreneur, Sponsoo is not his first successful startup. In the last years, Christian has worked for many well-known companies.

Christian used to be an avid cyclist in his younger days. Nowadays, his focus has shifted to long-distance running and snowboarding.

Per H. Baar

Per H. Baar (Senior Sales Manager) fa parte del team di vendita di Sponsoo. Dopo molti anni di marketing sportivo e sponsorizzazioni da entrambe le parti e in diverse posizioni, ora ci sta portando la sua esperienza. È un atleta attivo e un fan entusiasta di tutto ciò che accade sulla terra, sull'acqua e nell'aria.

Maurice Lange

Maurice Lange (Business Development Manager) is a massive sports enthusiast and regularly visits the stadiums and sports halls all over Europe. He shows the same passion for his daily work at Sponsoo.

In his free time, he has been singing in the New Boy's Choir Hamburg for 14 years and actively tries to shape local politics. 

Rok Mohar

Rok Mohar (Developer) is continously improving the Sponsoo website. He works from Sponsoo's Ljubljana office. Ljulbjana is also the place where Rok finished his university degree in computer science.

In his leisure time, Rok is working out a lot and takes care to live a healthy lifestyle.

Kim Kaufmann

Kim Kaufmann (agenti di marketing) si è unito a Sponsoo dopo aver completato il suo MBA presso l'Università di Amburgo ed è responsabile dello sviluppo e della progettazione della strategia di comunicazione e marketing. Fuori dall'ufficio le piace giocare a squash e tennis o fare kitesurf. Le piace anche andare allo yoga per rilassarsi.

Jonas Lösche

Jonas Lösche (Sponsor Manager) lavora nelle vendite di Sponsoo. Dopo aver studiato media, sport e gestione degli eventi, ha lavorato nella gestione degli eventi e nelle vendite per una casa editrice. Oltre al suo lavoro, gli piace giocare a calcio, a tennis e correre nel tempo libero. Le date di vari eventi sportivi sono anche segnate in grassetto sul suo calendario.

Nils Rautenhaus

Nils Rautenhaus (Sales Manager) ist Teil des Vertriebsteams, ist aktiv dabei Kooperationspartner und ambitionierte Sportler zusammen zu bringen. Nach seiner kleinen Weltreise und der Ausbildung zum Industriekaufmann, hat er nebenbei bereits durch seine Tätigkeit bei anderen Sport–Unternehmen Erfahrungen sammeln können. Ganz nach dem Motto „vom Hobby zum Beruf!“ Bereits seit jungen Jahren spielt Nils mit viel Leidenschaft Fußball und besucht regelmäßig die Fußballstadien des Landes. Neben dem Interesse am Eishockey, waren 2 Bungee–Sprünge eines der größten sportlichen Highlights in seinem bisherigen Leben! Er freut sich über die Herausforderungen mit kreativen Lösungen bei Sponsoo.

Conor Mohr Condron

joined Sponsoo after completing his bachelor's degree at Lewis University and supports the sales team during his internship. Besides his huge passion for playing football, he enjoys going to the gym to stay in shape. His desire to combine his job with his passion, was on of the reasons that brought him to Sponsoo.

Martin Eberl

Martin Eberl (Sales Associate) unterstützt das Sales Team von Sponsoo während seines Praktikums. Er hat schon viele verschiedene Sportarten und Outdoor-Aktivitäten ausprobiert. Neben seinen Favoriten Fusball und Tennis verfolgt Martin alle möglichen Sportarten und versucht sich auch immer wieder selbst in neuen Disziplinen. Aufgewachsen in den Alpen ist seine große Leidenschaft jedoch Skifahren. Sein Interesse in Sport und verschiedenen Unternehmensfeldern hat Martin zu seinem Praktikum bei Sponsoo gebracht.

David Akinjise

David Akinjise (Freelance Consultant for Cooperations and Business Development) supports Sponsoo by bringing in new projects and cooperations. He has been working in telco for 10 years and now shares his experience with ambitious startups like Sponsoo. David is a football-addict, who played actively in his home club for a long time and even acquired the certification to be a referee. When traveling, he always brings his surf board. (And a towel. Always bring a towel!)

Jenna Ngo

Jenna Ngo (Sponsoo Agent) supporta Sponsoo nell'abbinamento dei partner di cooperazione con atleti ambiziosi. La mentalità imprenditoriale di Jennas l'ha costretta a lasciare il suo lavoro come responsabile marketing per marchi di prestigio per aiutare le startup e i liberi professionisti all'inizio della loro attività. Il suo interesse per l'antropologia si riflette anche in ciò che le piace dello sport: il forte senso di collaborazione. In passato, Jenna giocava a pallamano, ma ora è passata allo yoga.

Béla J. Anda

Béla J. Anda (Co-founder and Head of the Advisory Board) has founded Sponsoo together with Andreas and Christian - based on the vision to make sponsorships accessible for tens of thousands of amateur sports people. Before that, Béla studied law at the Bucerius Law School and in St. Gallen, and launched a startup for Rocket Internet in Bangladesh. 

Béla loves active sports. For example, he hiked to the basecamp of Mount Everest or finished the Dublin Marathon.