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Alberto Rondina

 Marsala Kitesurfing, Surf


Pro Kiteboarder 4x Italian Champion, European Champion and 3rd Overall on the PKRA World Tour in the Freestyle discipline.


Kitesurfing is a very well known sport by now and with the increasing popularity of hydrofoils, especially after the American's Cup, is getting more and more visibile to the general public. Its also been added to the Olympics for 2024 and that massively increased its reach and potential! 

I've been a pro athlete for over 15 years and I keep promoting the sport producing video content, instructional videos, video reviews, Interviews, anything to promote this beautiful sport I love so much! 

I enjoy the Ocean in any possible way too, from Surfing, to the new Wing Surfing, also using a foil….I cant stay out of any new toy to enjoy the waves and the water!