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Joshua Price

 VINELAND Canadian Football, Hockey su ghiaccio, Calcio ...


I am a 13 time Globe games invitee for football as well as a Team Great Britain ball hockey player. I am also a Team North America and Team Scotland invitee as well as a coach and player for Team Netherlands soccer.


My name is Joshua Price


I have 3 Albums out; Trance, Aliens and 90's Terms.


I am the manager and offensive coordinator for the SCIFL Thunder. I am an ex player for the Steel City Patriots with exceptional status at 14 for the Tri City Outlaws.


I am a 13 time globe games invitee in football for 11 for Team Canada, 2 for Team World and 2 combines, and another combine for Team Canada.


I am a 51 time Spring League invitee.


I played soccer for Lincoln SC, Niagara United and St Catharines Roma Wolves and was a player and coach for Team Netherlands.


I played junior hockey for the Port Colborne Sailors and the Welland jr Canadians.

I am a Division 6  player at who was restricted in 2018 who runs the Niagara Stars BHC.  I am also a player for Team Great Britain ball hockey as well as Team Scotland and Team North America have inquired.


Ball hockey teams i have played for would be; Niagara Cyclones, Niagara Wizards, Hamilton Renegades, Stoney Creek Goon Squad, Hamilton WTF Ref, Grim City Reapers, Niagara Bobscats, Canadian Bacon, Lincoln County Pitbulls, Niagara Coyotes, Niagara Wombats, Niagara Hitmen, NBHL - Buffalo Wear - It, NBHL - Rochester Rink Rats and my team the Niagara Stars BHC.


I have played and coached lacrosse for the Lincoln Crush, Brantford Excelsiors and Oakville Rock.


I am a 2nd degree orange belt, one fight from orange and i shoot a -3 in golf, with a low round of 63 a couple times.


I am a ATSX Ice Cross World Championships ice cross skater.




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There are always 200 people at our games for the Steel City Pstriots.

I have 161 followers on instagram,.

I have 800 friends on facebook


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