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MOUZ (ehemals bekannt als mousesports) ist die führende eSports-Organisation in Deutschland und ist mit 26 Titeln der deutsche Rekordmeister. Dabei ist die Organisation in Titeln wie Counter Strike, League of Legends, Fortnite und Starcraft II vertr



MOUZ (also known as mousesports) is the leading eSports organization in Germany. Founded in Berlin in 2002, the organization provides what is still the most successful German Counter-Strike team of all time. MOUZ features teams in all popular eSports games and is the German record champion with 26 titles. Due to its many international successes, MOUZ is known worldwide and is a feared opponent in all competitions.


In 2019, MOUZ was able to secure the Pro League Champions, CS:GO Asian Champions and a League of Legend title. This allowed the team to successfully end the year at the top of the ESL World Ranking. In 2020, MOUZ didn't let themselves get down either and won against FC Schalke 04 Evolution in the final of the Prime League Summer Championship.


Social Media-Profiles


  • (270k fans)
  • (137k follower)
  • (180k follower)
  • (5290 follower)

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Dati fondamentali per gli sponsor


  • 270.000 Facebook fans (Team) + 60.000 Facebook fans (Players)
  • 135.000 Twitter follower (Team) + 45.000 Twitter follower (Players)
  • over 580.000 follower (Team & Players)
  • high media coverage at various third party platforms such as ARD, ZDF, RTL, Pro 7 oder

Target group:

  • 13-17 years (19%)
  • 18-24 years (49%)
  • 25-34 years (16%)
  • older/ younger(16%)
  • top interests: Online Gaming, Computer Gaming, Console Gaming, Gaming News, Technologie, Musik


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