Natalia Girotto

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Professional handball player Age 31 years I worked in clubs in Brazil and currently I am 4 seasons in Italy


Dear sirs,

My name is Natalia Girotto, I am 31 years old and I am an Italian-Brazilian Handball-Player.

I moved from Brazil to Italy three years ago to pursue mine
passion: the sport discipline of Handball.

I play in the Handball Leonessa Brescia and National Team (Italy), and I have a page @natalia_girotto on Instagram that deals with sports issues,
related to yours, which at the moment has about 2K followers.

I'm sure my fans would like your products as much as I do, and it would be a great pleasure for me to introduce them to them and let them know.
I would like to deepen, even with a cognitive meeting and
compare with your reality.

I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your attention.

Cordial greetings.

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